When Your Heart Is In Two Different Places

It is the eve before I set off again. Destination: Nashville. My heart swells at the sweet thought of familiar arms wrapping around me and of brick walls that have now become home. I am also deeply sad. My eyes burn as I think of the faces and hearts I love in my hometown, the [...]


Breaking The Silence

Being in ministry, I've heard a lot of testimonies. I've been hearing testimonies since I was small and couldn't even spell testimony. There are testimonies people share that are inspiring, sharing what God did for them and that's neat. Then, I've heard testimonies that grip your heart, that shatter all shame and condemnation and point [...]

2015: Lessons Learned

I could tell you all the things that I had to go through to really get to the place I am now. It's the same plot line the enemy uses with so many, just different places and different faces. A tale of insecurity, lost identity, and the empty numbness where the love of God is so desperately needed. My testimony is my story, and it's still being written.