Chocolate Chip Cookies and Soul

I love to bake. Most specifically, I love to bake chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate chip cookies are, hands down, my favorite dessert. I get really excited over a good chocolate chip cookie. I love to turn on some music, tie an apron around myself, and get to work in the kitchen. In these times, I [...]


It Feels Like Yesterday´╗┐

You know that feeling you get when you scroll through an old high school friend's Instagram? Maybe you had randomly found them, or maybe you still follow them. You click on their name, curious at how their life looks since the time when you knew each other. You see their friends, their relationship, their life, [...]

2015: Lessons Learned

I could tell you all the things that I had to go through to really get to the place I am now. It's the same plot line the enemy uses with so many, just different places and different faces. A tale of insecurity, lost identity, and the empty numbness where the love of God is so desperately needed. My testimony is my story, and it's still being written.