Who I Am

Born to a small papermill town in the south of Ohio, I have always had dreams bigger than my surroundings. From the time I was very small, I felt an intense desire to explore, to see the world, and to love passionately.

I am Candace. I am a daughter of the Most High, loved far beyond measure. I am an author, musician, missionary, songwriter, cook, friend, and lover of all things Jane Austen and coffee.

Starting from Paper City to Music City, I have pursued Jesus with all that is within me, and now I am serving as a full time missionary in the inner city of Nashville, Tennessee. The content that goes on this blog is from my life; my experiences, my ponderings, and my new found knowledge. I pray it fills you with hope and inspiration to chase your dreams and pursue a you that is more whole.

Instagram: @cmnotestine


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