Three Things I’d Say To The Man Who Isn’t The Masculine Stereotype

So, you don’t chop down trees or score touchdowns or bench press a ridiculous amount of weight. So, maybe you prefer the arts, or you have a passion for wholistic living, or you care about the clothes you wear.

So, you’re not the stereotypical masculine guy.

I’m not a man. I’m a young woman. I don’t have much experience, or knowledge, or insight into what it takes to be a man. I don’t know if I ever will. What I do know, is that being a man doesn’t necessarily fit the mold of the world.

The world would love to give you a formula for manhood. They’d love to tell you there’s a code you’ve gotta crack to be a masculine stud. But honestly, when we look at the world, it doesn’t have the answer. It doesn’t have an answer, but it has a desperate plea. A yearning to experience man the way God intended it to.

In this case, how can you truly know that you are a man? A man more than the sum of his parts? The only voice that can truly tell you who and what you are is the voice of the Father.

The strength of a man is first a soulish strength- the strength of his heart. – John Eldredge

What makes a man is not his list of qualifications- it’s what his soul is made of. Don’t be disappointed in how you were made. God’s not.

I have heard from many of my brothers’ in Christ that they feel they have missed the mark of “manly masculinity”, and that they feel lesser for it. I have known many different men; men who build things and chop wood, and men who play piano, sing, write songs. I have known all different kinds of men, and amongst any kind of them, I have found good, manly brothers who can rise to the occasion. So with all of the love in my heart for my brothers I know and my brothers I don’t, here is what I want to say:

You are manly. You are masculine. You’ve got what it takes. I know this is true because this is what God the Father is speaking over you.

Even though you don’t focus all your efforts at the gym, your strength is neededI don’t feel like a man has come through just because he has fixed my car, though that is so appreciated. I feel that he has come through when he has given me his time, made me a priority, shown me that he cares for my comfort or stability. It’s not how much he can carry that impresses me or makes me feel safe; it’s how he takes on those things on my behalf. He doesn’t think I am weak, unable. He sees me as immeasurably worthy of his efforts and strength.

The world is dying to see you come through- you are wantedDon’t hide yourself from the world. We need you. Those gentlemen who offer their strength in subtle ways, you are still needed. You are not only needed, you are wanted! You are wanted for the specific strength that you bring.


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