Expressions of Heartsong

Tell me somethin’ good…

It was 2006, and I was 10 years old. My whole childhood, my family would get excited about the latest animated films; partly because of the stories, and partly because my mom loved them and it was quality time spent with her. This particular year, I was especially excited about one movie in general: Happy Feet.

If you’ve ever seen the movie about talking penguins, you would know that each penguin is born with something special- a Heartsong. Whether it’s an old crooner tune, or something funky, each penguin has a song in his/her heart that they sing. When he/she is all grown up, with their Heartsong will find their true love.

Mumble, the main penguin of this story, hatches with an oddity- he tap dances, and has a terrible singing voice. This is heart breaking to his parents, because Mumble is different, and the belief is that he will never find true love if he can’t tap (pun definitely intended) into his Heartsong.

In the end, after many adventures and much time spent wrestling with what was inside of him, Mumble comes to find out that there’s nothing wrong with what he’s been given. He finds true love, because he embraces the truth that he is. Mumble doesn’t sing with his Heartsong, he dances.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve felt like Mumble. Like what I had to offer wasn’t good enough, wasn’t right, wasn’t what people were expecting from me. There was always something that I should look like, be like, sound like. Because of that, like Mumble, I had a really difficult time figuring out where I fit.

We each have something inside of us, something divine and uniquely ours. Not one expression of  Heartsong is the same. We all have different passions, different things that God has set in our hearts. God has given us a Heartsong, but we don’t have to live it the same way as everyone else.

What does that mean? I’m talking about the many different gifts that the Body has been blessed with. There are people who sing, people who dance, who draw, who are great with numbers, details, and machines. People who serve as missionaries overseas and people who raise their kids to be world changers.

What does your Heartsong sound like? From what I hear when I close my eyes, mine is a song of worship, and a song of praise. When I dive deep and allow it to flow out, it comes out through song, through dance, and through the written word. The depths of my heart are poured out before the feet of Jesus, and He loves it.

Don’t be discouraged by others, and if what they have been given looks different from yours. When we fully embrace how we’ve been created, like Mumble, we will not be kept from our one true Love. Our Heartsong was designed to lead us back into the arms of our soul’s Lover. Whether you sing or dance or paint your way there, all that matters is that you meet God in that place.


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