To The Man of Honor

To the kind, tenderhearted guy who is gentle with the ladies around him, your strength is needed.

To the guy who grabs the heavy thing, takes the gross garbage out of our hands, and makes sure that we get home at night okay, your valiance is appreciated.

To the guy who calls out beauty, you have watered the gardens of daughter’s hearts, and you are one of the mightiest, noblest of all.

You who have realized the value in a daughter’s heart are one who has seen a great treasure. You know the worth that is a daughter, and you know it is no trifle.

As a daughter who has known men who were cruel, I thank you for your kindness. As a daughter who has been overlooked, abused, I thank you for your ability to see what blind men could not.

You are the redemption of what I thought men were. Thanks to you, I know that men are actually strong in heart, not just in body. Because of you, I know that there are men who will protect me, who will esteem me, and who will celebrate me not because of what my body can offer them, but because of who I am. You have done a great service in fighting for the manhood that God created, the manhood that protects and serves her, regardless of who she is. You have recognized that she is a rare, precious gem; she is not weak, but she is royalty. Because you are walking in your rightful place as a son of God, you can recognize a daughter. Royalty acknowledges royalty.

You may not understand why your words mean such a great deal, but I believe there is a reason for their power. I believe there is a reason why a foul word can cut her heart, or a warm one can bring it to life. You, dear son, were born to call out her beauty. Your strength, your courage to call out who she is, enables her to breathe truth. Your encouragement speaks life in a way that a woman’s encouragement (though incredibly vital and important), does not.

From a daughter to a son, you are important. Your honor and valor has the power to restore hearts.

You do not play with hearts, you value them. You are not a predator, you are a protector. And I see that. We daughters, we see the mighty men of valor you are.

So do not stop taking the heavy thing. Please, protect us and guard our hearts. Tell us that we are beautiful, and worth fighting for.

To all of you, thank you for telling me I am beautiful. Thank you for treating me as a daughter of God. Thank you for recognizing that my heart is worth the fight, and worth protecting. Thank you for being an honorable man, who knows value, who knows who he is and the God he serves.

To the man of honor, thank you.


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