Dreams That Become Reality: A Life Update

When I clicked submit on the Thunder School website, I had absolutely no idea just how much my life was about to change.

It’s nearly been a year since I arrived in Nashville, and the Lord has turned my life upside down with His goodness. I remember not even knowing how to dream, how to set up goals, how to have vision for the season in front of me. I was scared to dream, scared to expect anything, and God has come in and shattered all of those fears and replaced them with wild dreams and vision for my life ahead of me.

This year, I have stepped out of my comfort zone and into pursuing the fullness of what He has for me. I’ve written songs, practiced my instruments, sought His face and presence. I’ve prayed with the people in the community, invested into their lives as we handed out box after box of groceries, plates of hot food, and hope through love. I’ve given several piggy back rides, loved the little ones who come from homes where there’s not a lot of stability. I’ve sat with teens, looked them in the eyes, and spoke the truth of how there’s so much more than what they’re currently facing.

God has ushered me past the line of fearing man, and into loving the people I come across. Being a missionary is hard. Mission trips are rough. You don’t always get a shower when you want one, or even need one, you make clothes last, and you apply copious amounts of sunscreen. You sleep as hard as you can in the hours you have, and press into joy when it’s not as many hours as you’d like. You look into the eyes of the homeless man who’s just not wanting to cooperate and receive, and believe that the goodness of God will triumph anyway. Despite all of those things, when a child worships beside you, or someone shares their heart and accepts Jesus, it makes it all worth it. I feel the tug in my heart, the reason why I’m here, the reason why I chose missionary work; to make Him known in all the earth.

My life this year, especially this summer, has been crazy. June feels like forever ago, and when I look back on all the things I’ve done, I’m amazed at how the Lord just shows up and shows off. Something inside of me has come alive being in this place, where I have been given room to grow and thrive, to use my gifts for God. I never knew my heart longed to sing in worship alongside people I just met, or to dance with young children in another place, a different culture. My heart has been set ablaze for revival, and I have such vision for this upcoming season.

Rolling Thunder was incredible, and I want to thank each person who has sown into me through prayer and financially this year for making that happen. God used me to release worship and prayer in the atmosphere of the Northeast, and witness to the people there.

One of my favorite testimonies is from Staten Island, New York. A couple friends and I were handing out materials and informing people about an outreach we were doing in the parking lot across the street from the clinic we were outside of. We were just talking to people and trying to bring joy to their day, but we weren’t having much luck in striking up conversation. About five minutes into standing outside of this clinic, one of the nurses walked out the doors to have a cigarette while on break.

I introduced myself to her, and told her about the outreach we were having. She thanked me, although she would not be able to come since she was working. However, she was very interested in what we were doing. When we told her it was completely for free, just to bless the community, she was amazed and blessed that people as young as we are were doing something like this. We talked for about ten minutes, and we just got to bless her with the Father’s love. She didn’t end up being able to come, but I am positive that the truth of His love we sowed into her was exactly what He intended.

Dreams I had as a child are now becoming reality. This year has just been a step in the journey the Lord has for me, and I can’t wait to see where He takes me next…

Every week I am taking part in local ministry in the inner city of Nashville, feeding the homeless, sowing into the children, and taking an active part in seeing Nashville transformed. Because I have such a tight schedule working with the ministry through outreach and administration, I don’t have time to have a job outside of the ministry to help with funds. I would like to ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with me financially as I serve here in Nashville. All donations and funds go towards supporting me either on missions or paying my rent to able to serve with the ministry. If you cannot commit to partnering monthly, any donations are welcome 🙂 Thank you all for your prayers, your financial support, and your encouragements!

Also, I release a monthly newsletter on the first of every month that shares the details of what I’ve been up to and the things I do in ministry. If you’d like to get signed up for that, please contact me with your email address!

Thanks again for all the love, y’all. It means the world to me. 13669371_1786294728311716_1466307664043156455_o

Picture of the team at Bryon Ministries, where we served to do outreaches in their community of Plainsboro, New Jersey and put on a Creative Arts Encounter weekend.




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