Internship 2016

Back in September of 2015, I had the opportunity to go through a three month school called Thunder School. During this time, I went through a radical spiritual awakening. My spirit came alive in these three months, I made kingdom friendships, and experienced Jesus in a new way.

Towards the end of Thunder School, I was faced with the reality that it was soon going to end, and the question was in front of me; what next?

The Lord had made it obvious to me that this was the place where He was leading me. He had just breathed onto my situation and proved time and time again that He truly is a faithful God. So now this is the next step in my journey- to return back to Nashville, TN as an intern for 2016.

In a short week, I will be serving as a missionary, working with a team, within a community, to pursue wherever the Lord leads me. I will have many opportunities to serve in the inner city of Nashville, and will even be able to travel and spread the love of God. I am unbelievably excited to see what God will do in me and in the atmosphere around me in this next year and have faith that He will radically move.

As a full time missionary interning with this ministry, I will be unable to work a job. We will constantly be going and having our own duties that will need to be done, and there will just be no time to honorably and effectively carry a job.

If you are interested in supporting me and sowing into me during this time, it would greatly be appreciated and would help me considerably in regards to living expenses. I have estimated that the whole year will cost approx. $6,075. Living per month, including gas, groceries, and rent I have estimated at $500. If you are interested in partnering with me, you can send your donation through paypal, at This is my personal paypal and all donations will go directly to me. You can also write checks out to Tomiah Notestine. This is my mother who will be able to cash checks and send the funds to me via paypal, as I will not have a bank account to cash them in myself.

I thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and for being interested in what I will be doing through this next year. I will keep posted about the many things that I will be doing. God bless you and once again, thank you for your time :).



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