An Audience with the King

Sometimes I feel like I’m standing in a busy intersection. There are cars zooming on by me, lights and sounds and colors are blurring together. In all of this madness, it can be hard to just sit in silence and listen for God’s voice.

Even without all of the distractions, for the longest time there has been a small part of me that didn’t want to let go. Because sometimes in order to truly listen and hear, you have to relinquish control to your busy street of a mind. You have to silence yourself, and be still. For some reason, I had a really hard time with that.

I would always want to hear God’s voice; but when the time came to really hear Him, I’m ashamed to admit that sometimes, I would close my ears. I was afraid of what He would tell me, the sacrifices I’d have to make, and the control I’d be losing. Somewhere along the line I had to have realized that I was denying my creator, the King of the Universe, an audience with myself. I mean, how bizarre is that?!

It’s incredible to think that we can have an audience with the King of Glory whenever we please. In an earthly sense, it is an honor to even be considered for a word with a king. Yet, we have been granted access to the throne room of God; He beckons us in!

So why in the world would I close myself off? When God tried to speak to me, I’d try to distract myself. Of course, God cannot be silenced, and no matter how I would turn my head, He would always be there, in a corner.

Whenever you’re ready, I’d like to talk.

God wants a word with you. He wants to speak to you, to have you before Him. He is not the sort of king to require you file paperwork just for a few words. There is a gravitational, supernatural pull into His presence. No question about it, He wants you there!

I’d find myself wanting to hold onto my control, because I was afraid of my vulnerability without it. I didn’t realize what a sweet experience it was to just sit and listen to the Lord speak to your soul. After a good soaking in the presence, and allowing myself to fully hear God and all He had to say, my heart feels very tender.

It’s almost like His voice is butter on my hard, toast like heart. He soothes over it and breaks it down until there is only softness. Laying and being still before God can soften your heart and prepare it for the seeds He is looking to sow.

There is a richness in letting go of your control and just letting God say all that He needs to. It’s the breaking of poverty in your mind. No longer is it “I need to stay in control, it’s all I have“, but “I have faith that You have what I need, and my own thoughts are not everything“.

Let God have you, and let God love you, and don’t be surprised if you heart begins to hear music it’s never heard and your feet learn to dance like never before. – Max Lucado

Empower yourself enough to lose your control, and have God step in with all His infinite wisdom.  You have been blessed and favored enough to have an audience with the King of Kings. Use it.


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